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Colorado Blizzard Partners With Angel Hawk as Official Drone Service Provider

Professional indoor soccer makes its return to Colorado as the Colorado Blizzard began their season in December of 2017. With the sports return to Denver, the team had called upon Angel Hawk to provide aerial drone videography for marketing purposes, analyzing plays from an aerial perspective, and coaching.

To ensure a safe operation, flying drones indoors during practices create some unique challenges for Angel Hawk to address. Challenges such as flying without a GPS signal, magnetic interference, and positioning the drone during gameplay to not endanger the players, bystanders, or the drone itself from being hit with the soccer ball. Ensuring a safe operation of our fleet of drones is always at the forefront of any operation Angel Hawk is hired for. Angel Hawk has been able to effectively mitigate the risks and safely capture the desired footage during the team practices.

As the regular season has come to an end, we are pleased to see the Colorado Blizzard continue into the playoff's. The playoff schedule has not been announced but we anticipate seeing the Blizzard return to the Denver Coliseum at the end of March. For tickets and schedule information, visit!

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