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Angel Hawk Debuts Live Streaming of Nordic Races

The Gold Run Nordic Center in Breckenridge, Colorado, welcomed Nordic racers to the State Skiing Championships on March 6, 2021. Single-digit temperatures at sunrise gave way to warmer conditions for the first race beginning at 10am. The event consisted of three other races, but with one catch. No spectators were allowed.

Working with the event coordinator, Mike Savoie, and representatives from the Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA), Angel Hawk broadcast live video feeds of each race from two different drones. A stationary drone attached to a telescopic tripod mast captured skiing action at the start / finish line. Another drone flew high above the trees tracking the racers traversing the snowy courses. The live video coverage on YouTube toggled between the stationary and aerial drone. Separately, an announcer helped virtual fans follow the action with play-by-play commentary during the races.


"The aerial video provided by Angel Hawk allowed us to provide a unique experience . . . This makes the events more exciting to watch both in person or on a live stream."

-Mike Savoie


The State Skiing Championships in Breckenridge marked Angel Hawk’s first performance broadcasting live video feeds during a high school athletic event. Challenges included flying in mountainous terrain, remote internet speeds, temperature changes, and charging drone batteries. Detailed planning and close coordination with all stakeholders ensured each of the four races were instantly uploaded to YouTube. With no spectators present, Angel Hawk assessed a certain level of success with over 150 viewers watching the live video feeds. Watch Live.


About the Author: Michael P. Buchkoski is both a private pilot and commercial drone pilot. He serves as the Vice President of Operations of Angel Hawk, a Denver-based drone service company specializing in aerial videography for high school athletic events throughout Colorado. He is available at


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