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Denver Based Drone Startup Seeks Software Developer Intern

It is a "blue ocean" for Angel Hawk, a startup drone company that provides aerial videography. The company has innovated the way High School and College level football is viewed. 2020 has been a character defining year for the Denver based company as they expanded operations from six contracted High School teams to nineteen teams in 2020. With exponential growth showing no signs of slowing down, they are currently seeking outside help with Software Development in order to provide a higher level of service to their customers.

Coach Rodney Pierson of Pine Creek High School depicted utilizing Angel Hawk drone footage to instruct players while in-game.

Michael Buchkoski, VP of Operations at Angel Hawk says, "we really value the trust our clients put in us to provide the best aerial videography for their athletic programs. As such, we strive to offer the best innovative technology and comprehensive service to our customers." The previous way coaches and players would view athletic film was from a video camera placed in a press box, or from a video camera mounted on a large tripod on the playing field. These angles, Buchkoski explains, "make it less efficient for coaches to do their jobs and critique players. The view you get with a drone looks like what you would get watching an NFL game on TV."

Opportunities for growth and experience in an emerging industry is a key ingredient to Angel Hawk's employee culture. In 2020, the company filled nine paid Drone Pilot positions, and 3 unpaid Intern positions. Intern positions provide the possibility to gain the necessary training and experience to move into a paid position within the company. Angel Hawk proudly partners with the Metropolitan State University's Aviation Department to provide current college students and graduates with positions within the company.

Software Development is the next key initiative that Angel Hawk is exploring to fulfill its service commitment to its customers. If you would like to be a part of a fast moving and innovative company that values its people, look no further. If interested in joining our team please email


Angel Hawk uses only licensed FAA certified and experienced Drone Pilots. The company is fully insured, authorized by the FAA for nighttime operations, and upholds the highest safety standards. To learn more about hiring Angel Hawk, visit


About the Author: Collin S. Caffrey holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Aviation Management from MSU Denver's Aviation and Aerospace Department and has over 10 years of experience in Private Aviation Operations and Sales. Collin founded Angel Hawk in 2017 with the hopes of applying drones to the application of saving lives as a volunteer on a Search and Rescue team. As commercial drone applications became more readily available, Collin utilized his aviation background to expand drone operations into specializing in aerial videography for high school athletic events throughout Colorado. He currently holds the position of President within Angel Hawk. He is available at


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