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Introducing Angel Hawk’s Rain or Shine Film Guarantee

Angel Hawk continues to provide the best end-to-end athletic film service and unmatched drone perspective that is currently available to high schools and colleges in the Colorado area. However, there was one service issue that we faced – weather. Our drones cannot fly in rain or snow during a game at the risk of damage to the aircraft.

To address this issue, in 2021, Angel Hawk developed a weatherproof camera covering to address filming during inclement weather. When your team experiences rain or snow during a practice or game, your pilot will deploy a 30-foot tripod tower, mount the weatherproof camera covering to the tripod, and continue to capture film for your team. This method will eliminate the need for additional and costly camera equipment, maintain consistent HD footage, and keeps costs low for every team that uses Angel Hawk for their athletic film.

Rain or shine, Angel Hawk will be there to capture your practice and game film. We work hard to innovate and ensure we are providing your team with the best service and technology available. We look forward to seeing you on the field.

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