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On The Fly Newsletter 12/15/23 - issue 12

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Concluding the 2023 Football Season

FlyRoute pilot, Ryan Borthick, getting that 'Grade A' drone footage

December 2nd, 2023 marked the seventh successful football season for FlyRoute drone operations. Collectively, FlyRoute supported 42 teams throughout the entire regular season. 10 additional teams hired FlyRoute for ad hoc games. This totals in 52 teams supported during the 2023 season, all of which were supported by 40 professionally trained FlyRoute drone pilots. 524 events were provided with FlyRoute drone film within 2023. Compared to 2022's 396 events -- that is 25% growth!

This year marked a major milestone in growth for the company. 2023 was the first year operating drones during regular season football games outside of Colorado. This year, FlyRoute expanded to both Nashville and Pittsburgh. Thanks to the visionary and early adopter support of Wilson Central HS Football (Nashville, TN) and Canon McMillian HS Football (Pittsburgh, PA).

This newsletter concludes the regularly scheduled weekly publication of the 'On the Fly Newsletter' during the football season. Check back periodically at for the latest news and updates.

Drone Pilot Spotlights

Our 40 professional drone pilots worked hard to provide safe and high quality drone film to all of our football programs this year. Thank you to each of your individual efforts.

The "most events supported shout-out" goes to Jason Sickle, supporting Valor Christian Football. This year Jason supported 43 events. Thank you, Jason!

The "longest drive shout-out" goes to Isabelle Schuester, driving from Colorado Springs, CO to Durango, CO -- which is over 628 miles round-trip! This is the furthest a FlyRoute pilot has traveled by vehicle to support a football game. Well done, Isablle!

The "most committed to their team shout-out" goes to Caleb Hendricks. Caleb

Left to right: Caleb Hendricks, Michael Buchkoski, Keson Drayton

supported Holy Family Football at each and every regular and post-season game, not missing a single event. He even followed Holy Family Football all the way to the championship game, where they became victors of the 3A CHSAA state title. Excellent work, Caleb!

First Drones Used in the Colorado 5A & 4A Football Championships

For the previous six years, the Colorado CHSAA 5A & 4A football championships were held at Empower Field at Mile High -- the NFL football stadium for the Denver Broncos. Historically, drone operations were not authorized at Empower Field.

In-game FlyRoute drone footage of the 5A Championships: Cherry Creek v Columbine

This year, the CHSAA 5A and 4A football championship games were hosted at Canvas Stadium, located in Fort Collins, Colorado -- home to the Colorado State University Rams football team. Thanks to the support of the CSU Drone Center, FlyRoute was granted authorization to operate drones during this years championship games.

Collin Caffrey touring the Altitude Sports broadcast trailer, at the 5A championship game

During the champioship games, FlyRoute integrated drone film with Altitude Sports, the official broadcast network for the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Colorado Avalanche. During the live broadcast of the game, a unique and thrilling viewer experience was provided via drone film. Reference 1:39:20 withinin the live broadcast to view the FlyRoute drone film advertisment.

Cherry Creek Football (5A), Columbine Football (5A), and Palmer Ridge Football (4A) were all thrilled to utlize the superior film perspective to help coach their athletes to their potential champtionship victory. Congratulations to Columbine Football for their championship win, upsetting Cherry Creek which clinched the state title the previous four years.

Canvas Stadium championship pilots, left to right: Scott Tometich, Michael Pippins, Ryan Borthick, Collin Caffrey

Drone Pilot Post Season Social

All of our FlyRoute pilots are welcome to join us this year for our post season drone pilot social on Janurary 20th. We will recap the past year, discuss 2024 initiatives, declare the FPV contest winner, hear from the CSU drone center, and learn from one of our head coaches how their team utilizes in-game drone film.

Food and drink provided. Family are welcome.

Evites have been sent to each pilots email.

Wishing you and your loved ones a safe and relaxing Christmas and New Years!


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