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Angel Hawk Partners with LeMar’s Donuts Supporting Frontline Workers

Who can resist the temptation of a box of piping hot donuts? The smell alone draws you in. Fresh, warm donuts taste amazingly good. Now, imagine those same delicious donuts being delivered by a drone. On National Donut Day, Angel Hawk connected with LeMar’s Donuts for a drone delivery to frontline workers in Denver, Colorado.

A small crowd of frontline workers gathered in anticipation of the drone’s arrival. The crowd could see the drone and a box of donuts silhouetted against the blue skies high above downtown buildings. Following all safety protocols, the pilot maintained visual line of sight of his precious cargo throughout the flight. After a gradual descent, a flight crewmember safely unlinks the box of donuts and the drone departs.

Teaming up with LeMar’s Donuts to help frontline workers aligns with Angel Hawk’s set of core values. The professional drone service company was founded on the basis of providing exceptional, consistent, and unmatched service to customers. “We seek relationships with partners and customers that share our values,” President and Founder of Angel Hawk, Collin Caffrey said. “These values provide the framework for a company seeking to make positive impact in the world.”

Over the years, the best way to enjoy LeMar’s Donuts still remains a visit to one of their many shops. However, in the not too distant future, delivering donuts by drones may one day become commonplace. Don’t be too surprised when you see and smell a box of donuts high in the sky.

About the Author: Michael P. Buchkoski is both a private pilot and commercial drone pilot. He serves as the Vice President of Operations of Angel Hawk, a Denver-based drone service company specializing in drone videography for high school athletic events throughout Colorado. He is available at

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