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Empowering Entrepreneurs: FlyRoute Opens Applications for Service Partnership Program

[Denver, Colorado] — FlyRoute, a thriving ‘drone service for athletics’ company based in Denver, Colorado, is ringing in the New Year by launching its Service Partner Program in an effort to expand nationally. This program will enable entrepreneurs to become owners of their own FlyRoute service territory.  After years of providing drone film services to athletic programs, primarily within Colorado, FlyRoute has developed a streamlined and unparalleled approach to deliver drone film. The company has created financial and lifestyle freedoms to its ownership team, has seen over 30% or more growth each year, and has created seasonal contracted jobs for over 65 FAA rated drone pilot’s.  FlyRoute is now preparing to expand to other markets within the United States.  The Service Partner Program is FlyRoute’s way of empowering entrepreneurs to launch their own thriving drone business.

“I’m very excited to equip other driven business leaders with the tools to succeed in their own drone business and, with our support, shortcut their path to success,” said Collin Caffrey, Founder and President of FlyRoute.  “In 2017, I remember buying my first drone from a friend, a used DJI Phantom 3 4K for $400, with the hopes of building a successful drone business that would overtake my day job. I tried my hand at everything from aerial marketing, real estate, agriculture, weddings, construction, inspections, search and rescue, and much more. Nothing was working. It had frustrated me that the demand for drone work was always uncertain and revenues were unpredictable. That was hardly a way to grow a sustainable business.  Fast forward to today, I could have never imagined owning and operating a fleet of more than 45 drones, supporting over 550 sporting events each year, having a growing and predictable revenue stream, and making a difference in the lives of athletes and other professional drone pilots.  This journey has truly been a blessing.”

Currently, athletic programs are primarily using drone film for coaching purposes, however, Caffrey says the aerial film is also being utilized for college and professional recruiting, professional broadcasting, and analysis by sports officials.  Currently, FlyRoute’s largest customer base is High School football programs. The company has plans to continue growing its offerings at the collegiate and professional levels, and for all viable sports such as lacrosse, soccer, and rugby,

“We are searching for entrepreneurs who are committed to working hard and implementing best practices to build and scale a thriving drone business of their own.”, says Caffrey.  To learn more and apply, visit Apply to Become a FlyRoute Service Partner.  The application period opened on January 3rd, 2024 and closes on March 1st, 2024.

About FlyRoute:

FlyRoute’s mission is to equip visionary athletic programs to win more by utilizing drone technology.  FlyRoute uses only FAA rated, highly trained, and experienced Drone Pilots. The company is fully insured, FAA compliant, and uphold the highest safety standards. Since 2017, FlyRoute has flown over 1,850 sporting events for 85 teams without accident or incident. To learn more, visit

About the Author:  

Michael P. Buchkoski, an FAA rated drone pilot, volunteer member of the FAA Safety Team, and serves as the Vice President of Operations of FlyRoute, a Denver-based drone service company specializing in aerial videography for athletic events throughout the nation. He is available at


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