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Angel Hawk Rebrands to FlyRoute

Updated: Feb 19, 2023


FlyRoute: February 1, 2023

FlyRoute announced today that it has completed a major rebranding. The rebrand directly communicates to coaches with a common football term. FlyRoute, also called a Go Route, is a pattern run where the receiver runs straight upfield towards the end zone.

FlyRoute has been a leader in athletic drone film since 2017. Based in Denver, Colorado, and serving teams nationally, our mission is to harness the latest drone technology to provide an unmatched service to our clients. The rebrand releases a new logo, website redesign, and new product offerings such as online training and a drone store.

President and Founder of FlyRoute, Collin Caffrey said, “The rebrand reflects major growth filming athletic events with drones. Coaches and players can’t get enough of it.”

Angel Hawk, the old brand, was first established with a focus on supporting search and rescue operations. This type of work, while meaningful, provided little predictability and much uncertainty. The company found its true niche conducting drone operations for athletic events.

Visit to learn more about the new website and enhanced products.


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