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On The Fly Newsletter 10/20/23 - issue 7

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

FanVu Live Broadcasts FlyRoute Drone Perspective

In-game drone film is being used to deliver an entirely new experience to fans. FlyRoute has partnered with FanVu to integrate drones into online live broadcasts at high school football games, now allowing fans to experience the in-game aerial perspective from the comfort of their home.

FlyRoute's aerial film provides viewers with a one-of-a-kind overhead view. Viewers can now see perspectives similar to what you see provided with an NFL Skycam. However, the drone view is even more versatile than a Skycam because you can elect to have a tight view of the offensive and defensive line only, a wide view with all 22 players showcasing a larger area on the field, or a beauty shot view from outside of the field showcasing the entire stadium and surrounding areas. Beauty shots are terrific during sponsor breaks and transitioning in between playing action segments.

FanVu.TV is a sports streaming platform that offers high-quality programming consisting of live game broadasts, documentaries, original content, short stories, and movies. It is founded by sports coaches and produced by award-winning media professionals in the area of sports entertainment, special programming, and live-streaming.

FlyRoute Drone Operations

Week 8 of the football season FlyRoute supported 41 high school football events with 50 drone pilots.

"Guess what? I'm warmer than you!"

High winds across Colorado created a challenging environment as many of our pilots were unable to fly due to the weather conditions. Many areas had sustained winds of 25+ mph!

This year, some pilots have chosen to be innovative and come up with their own solutions to problems. FlyRoute pilot, Tracy Livingston, purchased his own SportsPod to keep the wind and rain away while flying. FlyRoute is considering adding the SportsPod to our standard issue equipment for next year. Great idea, Tracy!

Shoutout to FlyRoute pilot, Michael Rodriguez, for making the long 8+ hour drive to Grand Junction and back to Denver, CO in one day. Michael successfully provided drone film in Grand Junction on a Thursday and flew a second game in the Denver area on a Friday. Kudos, Michael!

Lastly, welcome aboard to our newest FlyRoute Intern, Owen Mueller!

Drone Pilot Spotlight: Ben Darnell

Ben started building drones while attending Kettering University in Flint Michigan.

He used the school’s maker space to laser cut and 3D print his first frame designs. He now has over 8 years of experience in UAV design and testing, and has been flying drones commercially for 4 years. Ben currently serves as the Product Manager for FlyRoute. When Ben isn’t filming football games, he is usually performing residential roof inspections for solar installation companies.

In addition to flying drones, Ben has many other hobbies including sailing, skiing,

hiking with his dogs, and flying his paramotor. His favorite place to fly his paramotor is at the beach, but he has also recently been spotted flying over mountain tops and football stadiums right here in Arvada. Ben hopes to one day get his Private Pilot License to continue his adventures in aviation.

All of our pilots and clients have Ben to thank for designing and manufacturing our drone to tower weather covers. He has worked for the past two years on refining the

product to best suit our needs, and to make us capable of in-house mass production. The body of the cover is created by vacuum forming flat pieces of ABS plastic over a 3D printed mold. The cover pieces are then trimmed on a CNC machine, and the rest is finished by hand.

Outside of his work for FlyRoute, Ben hopes to continue developing new technologies and designs for the drone industry. He also hopes to continue his personal research and development of high-efficiency vertical takeoff (VTOL) aircraft.

Fly Safe, Film Smooth, Have FUN!


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