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On The Fly Newsletter 10/27/23 - issue 8

Understanding History: Steve Sabol, NFL Films Founder & Icon

In order to fully appreciate the work we do, providing aerial film to football programs, we must first understand the rich history of football and the icons that have shaped the sport we love. We are standing on the shoulders of giants. One of those giants is Steve Sabol, NFL Films co-Founder and President.

Many say that the story of the NFL cannot be told without mentioning Steve Sabol and his contributions. A visionary, filmmaker, artist, and a trailblazer.

"Steve was the creative genius behind NFL Films' remarkable work," NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said Tuesday in an email to NFL personnel. "Steve's passion for football was matched only by his talent and energy. He was a major contributor to the success of the NFL, a man who changed the way we looked at football and sports, and a great friend. His legacy is assured.

"Steve was an incredible visionary. He spent 50 years at the NFL and changed the way we see pro football. So when you're watching the games this week, it's worth remembering just how much Steve contributed to the way we think, see, and love our game."

In 2012, Steve died of an inoperable brain tumor.

To learn more about the iconic life of Steve Sabol, watch on YouTube: NFL Icons: Steve Sabol | Season 1, Episode 6 | NFL Fanzone.

FlyRoute Drone Operations

Week 9 of the football season FlyRoute supported 41 high school football events

with 50 drone pilots.

Pictued left to right: Collin Caffrey (President), Rich Huddleston (Pilot), Arlen Croak (Pilot)

As we look towards playoff football, it is critical now more than ever to ensure that high quality drone film is delivered to our teams.

We are grateful to our Lead Pilot, Ryan Carr, for performing weekly quality control checks to our pilots. Each week Ryan provides pilot feedback on items to sustain and improve upon with their film. This approach ensures film meets our quality standards and the film can be used to assist each team in their efforts to WIN more.

Coaches love it. Players hate it.

Each FlyRoute pilot plays a critical role in helping their dedicated team advance to the playoffs. Thank you to each pilot for your individual contributions!

Pictured left to right: Michael Buchkoski (VP Ops), Alex Barr (Pilot), Michael Rodriguez (Pilot)

Fly Safe, Film Smooth, Have FUN!


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