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On The Fly Newsletter 11/10/23 - issue 10

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Thank You Veterans

Master Sergeant Bill Lickman, US Air Force

This Veterans Day, FlyRoute would like to extend a heartfelt 'thank you' to all of our FlyRoute drone pilot's, coaches, and those in our nation who have served in our military. Your actions of 'service before self' is an example we can look towards for inspiration and a value we can seek to live up to. Your sacrifices, whether on the battlefield or at home, are the reason we have the liberties and opportunities we hold dear. Freedom is not free. We are forever grateful.

FlyRoute recognizes our military veterans who are actively flying for us this year.

Petty Officer 3rd Class Andy Iacuzzo, US Navy

Master Sergeant Bill Lickman, OSI Special Agent, US Air Force. Petty Officer 3rd Class Andy Iacuzzo, Aviation Electronics Technician, US Navy. Lieutenant Colonel Michael Buchkoski, Department Director, NATO Joint Targeting Program, US Army. Thank you for your service.

FlyRoute Spotlight, Michael Buchkoski (FlyRoute VP of Ops & Lt. Col US Army, retired)

A young Michael Buchkoski

Bio: Lieutenant Colonel, Michael P. Buchkoski, U.S. Army (Retired) began his career in the military as an infantryman in 1989. After serving two years, Lieutenant Colonel Buchkoski transitioned to college and became a Reserve Officer Training Corps cadet at Central Washington University. He earned a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting and was commissioned in 1996. Lieutenant Colonel Buchkoski completed numerous Infantry officer assignments as a member of the 1/508th Airborne Brigade Combat Team. In 2000, he transferred to the Military Intelligence Corps. He has served in key staff intelligence positions at the battalion, brigade, and division-level. While participating in Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2003-2004, Lieutenant Colonel Buchkoski commanded the Regimental Headquarters, 3d Armored Cavalry Regiment. He also supported Operation Enduring Freedom from 2009 to 2010. Prior to his retirement in 2017, Lieutenant Colonel Buchkoski served as the Department Director of a NATO Joint Targeting Program.

Can you summarize the experience you gained serving in the US Army?

I believe the most relevant word to summarize my military career is "opportunity." The military is full of challenging experiences regardless of your position. As a young soldier, I was always eager to complete college courses or excel in my military duties. Upon commissioning, my responsibilities increased especially while serving in combat. Taking advantage of each opportunity and then reaching for the next one was how I remember my time in the U.S. Army.

An older, much wiser, Lt Col Michael Buchkoski

Do you have a favored experience you can recall while serving?

There are so many memories during a military career. Some good, some not-so-good, and many in between. I do recall a special moment when I was asked to re-enlist a soldier while conducting training exercises in the middle of the Mojave Desert. We were tired, most likely hungry, and I'm sure hot, but it was absolutely my honor to administer the Oath of Enlistment to a young cavalryman who willingly agreed to defend this Nation for another six years.

To a young person considering entering into active duty military service, what would you recommend to them?

Join the U.S. Air Force - better food, wall-to-wall carpet, and no tents. No, seriously. As I mentioned earlier, take advantage of each opportunity along your military path. Whether serving for four years or a career, the military will always push you to the next level both personally and professionally. Always move forward and seize the opportunity. Good luck!

FlyRoute Drone Operations

Congratulations to all of our football teams that have advanced to the 2023 post season. This year, 32 of the 42 teams that use FlyRoute drone film services during the regular season have advanced to the playoffs -- that is 76%!

FlyRoute Pilots Caleb Hendricks and Colton Cline

Well done to all of our teams and we wishing you luck on your continued success throughout the post season.

This past week, 31 FlyRoute drone pilots provided drone film for 24 football events. Thank you to all of drone pilot's that ensured safe and high quality drone operations.

Quote of the Week - Pat Tillman


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