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On The Fly Newsletter 11/21/23 - issue 11

Happy Thanksgiving

In the spirit of thanksgiving, FlyRoute would like to express our gratitude to the teams and coaches that put their trust in us, our pilots who work so hard to ensure the delivery of safe and high quality drone film, and to all of the family and friend support systems we have to enable us to do what we love.

FlyRoute wishes you and your loved ones a blessed and restful thanksgiving and holiday season.

FlyRoute Drone Operations

Left to right: James B, Collin C, Jason S

As we progress towards the final two weeks of the football season, we want to congratulate our teams who have progressed into the state playoff semi-finals: Cherry Creek High School, Ralston Valley High School, Columbine High School, Chatfield High School, Montrose High Schools, Holy Family High School, and Green Mountain High School.

Last week, FlyRoute supported 9 football games with 12 drone pilots in the Colorado CHSAA state quarter-finals.

James B operating the drone from the Legend HS "command center"

This week, the teams that win their semi-final games will advance to the 2024 Championships. In Colorado, the 5A and 4A championships will be hosted at Canvas Stadium at Colorado State University on December 2nd. The 3A championships will be hosted at CSU Pueblo that same day.

To view the Colorado high school football tournament brackets, visit: CHSAA Tournament Brackets.

FlyRoute Pilot Spotlight: Ryan Carr

Ryan C aka "Wookie" -- in his element

My name is Ryan Carr. I am a professional drone pilot, but I am all self taught. I started flying drones in 2020 when I built my first FPV drone as a fun hobby to pass the time. Turns out, you can turn your passion into a career! I race 65mm size drones and have made several videos for dance companies and musicians. Recently, I completed a music video for Circles We Draw. In January, I will be sponsoring and participating in Whooptopia 2024. I hope to qualify in the elite class this year (top 25%)!

What has been your most memorable experience flying FPV drones?

My most memorable experience flying FPV drones has been racing on team 3W3. The FPV racing community is very inclusive and welcoming to all skill levels. I drove to Arizona for Whooptopia race and placed in the top 50% for my first national race!

As an active part of the Colorado FPV community, can you outline ways other pilots can get involved, as well as best ways a new FPV pilot can gain experience?

Getting involved in FPV is quite easy! More and more drone racing programs are popping up in high schools and there are weekly races in Denver. Flying FPV can be quite tricky as it's a difficult skill to learn but the best way to start learning is with a simulator. Velocidrone is not too expensive and the radiomaster pocket is the best controller for $60. For $80 you can get good FPV flight experience.

You spent a great deal of time critiquing FlyRoute pilot film this year, what words of encouragement would you like to provide our current pilot pool and future prospective FlyRoute pilots?

Keson D and Ryan C, "say cheese!"

Filming football with a drone can seem quite intimidating. There are a lot of safety measures to be constantly thinking about. FlyRoute has pilots that have been flying for many years and FlyRoute has pilots that are brand new. In the 10 weeks of service for our football programs, our brand new pilots are filming at the same quality as our experienced pilots! I think that's amazing! With a little bit of hard work and dedication, you too can be a professional drone pilot.

Fly Safe, Film Smooth, Have Fun!


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