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Jeffco Schools Approves Angel Hawk Drones

Forward Thinking, Jeffco Schools

After Angel Hawk completed a thorough review with Jeffco School District, Angel Hawk Drone Service has now been permitted to fly drones athletic programs in all Jefferson County School's. Currently, Angel Hawk is the only drone service to be permitted to fly drones within the Jeffco District. After the CHSAA and Jeffco School District approvals, this forward way of thinking should pave the way for all High School's Athletics, nationwide, to benefit from drone technology. However, some schools are not permitted to utilize drones during any athletic events. Douglas County School District has denied drone usage of any sort without explanation. Many schools within DCSD have expressed interest in drone usage, however, the district has not publicly denied the requests of its usage during practices and games. As positive reviews about drone usage continue to come in from coaches, players, families, and college programs alike, we continue to be optimistic about the future of this technology in High School athletics. Provided that professional drone services like Angel Hawk are committed to safety and legal drone operations, we are hopeful that all school districts, including Douglas County, will allow players to benefit from drone usage.

Drones Used in High School Athletics

In 2017, CHSAA permitted the use of drones in High School regular season contest, provided the home team's school district's approves its use. Since the approval, several schools have opted to use Angel Hawk as their Drone Service provider. With an unmatched practice tape and game footage perspective, coaches are now able to critique at a level that was previously unheard of. Currently, Colorado Football and Lacrosse programs have been first to take advantage of the new technology. In 2018, Angel Hawk had flown for three school's Football programs during their summer camps, scrimmages, practices, and regular season games. In 2019, two schools have utilized the new drone service for their Lacrosse teams.

Hire Angel Hawk

Angel Hawk uses only licensed FAA certified and experienced Drone Pilots, come fully insured, authorized by the FAA for nighttime operations, and uphold the highest safety standards. To learn more about hiring Angel Hawk, visit

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